To establish as a pioneer and thought leader in the field of foreign education consulting with the intent to let the youth achieve their full potential by upholding our integrity and professionalism while bringing innovation to our services.


To incorporate the ideology of skilled learning, breaking all barriers of region and resources by creating a strong foothold in the Global Educational Industry as well as attaining the recognition for being a superlative provider of career guidance.

Valmiki Foreign Education Services, colloquially known as VFES, is a name integral to the realm of international foreign education consulting. The variable that sets VFES apart from sundry other consultancies is its relentless strife to proffer genuine and effective guidance to students who are wishful of travelling abroad for higher education.

Foreign education is both an aspiration as well as a decision. It can be overwhelming in terms of the technicalities it entails. Lack of proper information regarding universities, admission criteria, countries, visa regulations etc. can result in a series of unsuccessful attempts to fulfil this dream due to erroneous judgements. VFES’s core conviction is that it can help students sidestep these obstacles and choose a path which is characterized by authenticity as well as honesty.

At VFES, we understand that the cyclical process of foreign education, from selecting the right country and institution to finally attending your first day at the institute, is a time-consuming as well as arduous one comprising of a multitude of tasks. The gamut of holistically designed portfolio of services proffered by our team of competent counselors and other professionals at VFES ensures that every student’s journey to their dream study destination requires no assistance other than ours.

VFES provides a plethora of services which are delineated for your benefit below:

Identification of suitable country, university and college as per student’s wish and capabilities.

  • Assistance with securing admissions
  • Assistance in document preparation for admission
  • Assistance in ensuring error-free applications and their timely submission
  • Maintaining contact with institutes and taking follow-ups
  • Assistance with monetary constraints
  • Identifying scholarship opportunities and submitting applications
  • Assistance with securing international education loans

A pedagogically driven coaching facility and curriculum directed towards qualifying examinations such as GRE, IELTS, TOEFL, GMAT and SAT.
Complete visa assistance from application preparation and submission to interview preparation as well as mock interviews.

  • Assistance with pre-departure tasks
  • Acquisition of international student ID card
  • Liaison with reliable FOREX providers
  • Coordination with reliable travel and medical insurance providers
  • Accommodation assistance at the place of study
  • Intensive pre-departure orientations to familiarize students to the culture and customs of the new environment