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Valmiki - Providing students with the strength of Overseas Education, has the distinction of thousands of students to reputed universities across the Globe, especially the USA. Over the years, Valmiki Brand has been enabling students to live their dreams, making them reach out to an international podium of opportunities.

The overseas education division of Valmiki Group was started by Ln. Surya Ganesh Valmiki at Valmiki Group. He is a cherished personality in the academic circles, who has more than 15 years experience at the senior management level in one of the world's largest Overseas Education Advising companies.

Since its inception in 2001, Ln. Surya Ganesh has been putting his determined efforts and dedication to the development of the organization for the welfare of the target student community as his company's vision. Widely travelled and highly connected, Ln. Surya Ganesh has a network of associates, friends and well-wishers who provide total support and co-operation in his beliefs, vision and mission - enriching the lives of those who are with him throughout the journey of his success.

Valmiki Group is a professional member of NAFSA, AAERI, (CIEC) i-Care, PIER, AAAOE, and ICEF. It is an only overseas education company in India to be awarded by All India Achievers Conference New Delhi as “Gem of India” in recognition of its outstanding achievements in the chosen field of activity. Assuming a demonstrative role of Director International Affairs with Gurunanak Institutions (, he has enhanced the wide opportunities of collaborations and student exchange facilities across many universities abroad with GNI International Affairs Office. He is also appointed as the “Regional Admission Officer” for “University of Huddersfield, UK”.

Ln Surya Ganesh Valmiki has a desire to payback Society with his strong social goals and through Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) he is committed and bound by his objectives of going beyond business to make meaningful difference to the communities by establishing Valmiki Foundation. Through Foundation he has started ValmikiHriday (a home for needy children) supporting 25+ needy & deprived children at present. Valmiki Foundation has organized about 100 Social Events in a year and done Poor Feeding, education material distribution, health camps, blood camps, eye-check camps, scholarships.

My passion for establishing an overseas education consultancy was a response to incessant inquiries that I received from people around me who banked on my advice owing to my experience and knowledge of foreign nations. During my various interactions with all those people, I came across several people who had resorted to dubious and illegal means to send their children abroad, putting their careers and even lives in jeopardy.
At times, this was because of lack of information that they were unable to receive at the right moment. This prompted me to establish an organization that delivers competent advice and support to students wishful of gaining knowledge in foreign universities. Since the establishment of the overseas counseling division in 2001, the Valmiki Group has held a regional advantage as the most authoritative and comprehensive support system to assist students to reach their preferred study destinations across the world. The professional counseling, educational services and other auxiliary services ensure that students desirous of foreign education in premiere institutes around the globe receive the vital support in a cost-effective manner, in everything from assessment of suitable institutes to preparation for requisite examinations to admissions.
Today, Valmiki Group has expanded into several other verticals and offers its clients several complementing services. The overseas counseling division, now Valmiki Foreign Education is associated with numerous world-renowned educational institutes and assists institutes to reach out to students in India. Over the years, the Group has acquired an efficient and dedicated team that continuously strives to deliver better quality and I am proud to lead such a committed team in the pursuit of excellence in the field of foreign education consulting.
I look forward to continuing this tradition of quality and create a socially responsible organization that fuels the movement of Indian students in the global educational ecosystem.

Thank You
Ln. Surya Ganesh Valmiki
Chairman and Managing Director,
Valmiki Group