January 27, 2017
February 10, 2017


Courses in the UK are generally shorter than many other countries, helping to reduce tuition fees and accommodation costs. Are you a wanderlust? Wouldn't you feel blessed to study in a university where you get to see Milky Way with naked eye?

A great history oriented country in the world, also known as fashionable residence. UK is a hub of famous luxurious brands like Burberry, Paul smith, Gieves and hawks etc. There are top 5 universi-ties in top 100 ranked and under top 200 there are 11, top 500 you can see around 37 universities and 67 universities under top 1000 ranked.According to the latest research we could observe 493,570 international student

enrolments pursu-ing post-secondary education in United Kingdom. UK can accommodate on high range for any Management and administration related courses. Universities in UK hold a list of extra-ordinary personalities. Would you like to know who they are? J.K. Rowling (Novelist) - University of Exeter, Tony Abbott (former Prime Minister of Australia) - University of Oxford

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